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Parents know what a powerful incentive a gold star can be. This object lets you give your Sims a gold star!

Long description:

I made this object when one of my Sims couldn't get to Studio Town, because of the common problem of not being able to get into the car. At the same time, she was forced to go because if she didn't she would lose her gold star! How awful!

Thus, Gnohmon's Gold Star remembers and maintains the fame of all Sims in the family (or of "empowered" visitors), and also allows them to go to Studio Town Lot 84 whenever you want to send them, as many times a day as you want.

Consistent with this philosophy of free choice, it also allows you to make a Sim as famous as can be (in case you don't feel like doing all the beginning stuff), or to lose all a Sim's fame in case you *do* feel like starting over!

When you get maximum fame, you still may not get a gold star, because becoming a superstar requires famous friends and three skills.

If you do not have Superstar, this object is just a nice-looking animated decorative object, but you can still have it in your game.

Every lot is supposed to have exactly one car portal, and bad things happen when this rule is broken.

This object was made because Lot 85 in Studio Town has two car portals. The problem this causes is that when you call a cab to go home, if the cab chooses the wrong one it gets an error and you can't get home.

I'm talking about the studio town lot I got on my SS CD, not a customied one: House85.iff, 707 KB, 4/13/2003, 18:18, that's the one. There are two car portals on the Maxis lot 85 -- in *your* game!

On a studio town lot, you don't have build or buy mode available when your Sims are there. So, I made this portal fixer work in Simless Build Mode.

As soon as you select this object and start to move it onto the lot, the object is initialized; and in its init routine, it searches for all car portals, makes them visible (they look like a little wooden table), counts how many there are, congratulates you if you have exactly one, makes a new one if you have none (it won't be visible; you'll have to make it visible and then move it to a good place), and warns you if you have more than one.

In order to move a car portal, or to remove an excess one, you will need to press control and shift at the same time, and type the letter c while they are held down.

A little grey box will appear in the upper left corner, and in this box you must type "move_objects on" (don't type the quotation marks, they are just there to set what should be typed apart from the rest of the sentence). Now you can remove or delete the car portals. You can use liugnoportal fixer on some good lots to get an idea where it should be.

It makes a difference which way the car portal is facing, but alas the little wooden table that represents it looks the same no matter which way it's facing. Thus, you might need to try more than once in order to repair a lot that had no car portal.

On studio town lot 85, all you need to do is to delete the extra portal, which is in the spa. A picture is enclosed. Even when the extra portal becomes visible, it is difficult to see because there are so many other objects around it.

REVISED September 2005: Bladder is kept at 50% so that your Sim can use the star trailer, invite somebody in to play, and actually stay in long enough for them to arrive. (You'll have to cancel the action to get out of the trailer.)

Children and Pets can shoot rock videos or model clothing or use any of the fame objects in Studio Town with this major revision of liugnosscheat!

REVISED August 9, 2004: Pets and children can play too! In addition, the assignments are reversed, so that the choices you make become the correct choices -- and thus you see the animations appopriate for what you choose instead of seeing the ones for what the director chose.

liugnosscheat assures a positive result from the six major fame objects[1], and keeps your Sim's motives maximized all the time. It must be used in Studio Town.

It operates once every five or six minutes, so the photo shoot may display the director disapproving of your first choice, but in the end you will get a perfect score.

It has no effect on print ads, jingles, commercials, or "walk the runway" results; instead, it affects the results of the actions with three choices by setting your choices to be the same as the diretor's choices.

Download it and then find it in your game in build mode, plants.

Technical note: what is special about this object is that instead of modifying the huge files (the music video stage alone is 10 megabytes!), this small file operates by changing the results from outside. Though it appears to be simple, it represents a great deal of research.

REVISION: If a child or a pet comes to Studio Town, that Sim can also use the fame objects! This is done by making the Sim temporarily into an adult human.

When the changed pet goes home, the pet will still be human; this is as it should be, because how else will the pet be able to call a cab to go to Studio Town, or how else could it click on liugnogoldstar to go there? (You must use liugnopetbed to change your pet to human for a while...)

When the changed child goes home, she or he will still be an adult. In order for the child to call a cab to go to Studio Town, you must first change it to an adult using liugnolemmi.

But a child who is still a child can click on liugnogoldstar to go to Studio Town! In this case the child comes back as an adult, and the effect is "permenant". (Actually, it can be cured by using the "move_objects on" cheat to delete and restore the child.) This may later be fixed by a revision to liugnogoldstar, but in the meantime, either don't go as a child using the gold star, or be prepared to delete and restore.

What if the whole family goes? Liugnosscheat works only on the currently selects Sim, so you can keep motives up by switching from one Sim to another, but you must stay with a Sim while the Sim is performing to guarantee good results.

[1] The movie stage, the soap opera stage, the music video stage, the music recording booth, the fashion runway, and the photo shoot stage.

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