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This invisible object adds realism to your game by having your cat use your fine furniture as a scratching post.

Long description:

When first placed, or when you enter a lot from the neighborhood, or when you pick it up, this scratching post is visible; but when you unpause, after a little while it becomes invisible.

As you can see from the picture, this is simply the ordinary scratching post made invisible and made capable of being placed on the same tile as other objects. You can use it as a merely invisible scratching post, but the idea is to place it on the same tile as a chair or couch so that when the cat uses it, she will appear to be scratching up the furniture.

Sometimes the animation for the scratching post will make your cat seem to disappear into the couch, but other times everything will look fine.

The cat may approach the invisible scratching post from any direction, but because of the way that Maxis wrote the scratching post there will be some difference in behavior depending on which way the object is facing. However, all directions look alike! How can you try a different rotation? The answer is to pick it up with the hand tool in build or buy mode and then hit a period or comma on the keyboard; this will rotate the held object 1/4 turn.

Many thanks to CaliSims at livin-it-up for suggesting this object.

Pets sometimes think they're human, but they're not really human, are they? And it's only fair that the reverse may also be true...

liugnopetbed is, to begin with, an improved version of the standard pet bed. It gives energy faster, and pets will use it before they are ready to collapse.

However, the important part of liugnopetbed is that it manipulates the flag that says if a Sim is a dog or a cat or a person. There is more to being a cat than just one bit, of course, so a human with the dog flag set will bark at the door when visitors come, but will not be able to do some things that dogs do; and a cat flagged as human can only do some things that humans do.

In addition, cats and dogs are adults of their species, so a child who becomes a dog and wants to pee on something will have a "missing animation" when it comes to getting down on all fours and raising one rear leg.

However, a cat who is "sort of human" can become a superstar using the liugnogoldstar object, and can become a giant cat using liugnoalicemushroom, can change skins using GnoChangingTable, and can even call a cab to go to Studio Town.

Unfortunately, the cat, once arrived in Studio Town, is only a cat, and has no way to get back home. It would have been nice to watch Fluffly do the animations for the music videos...

However, don't despair! If you want to see your pet use a full range of interesting animations, simply turn it sort of human and tell it to learn spellcasting from GnoGnomon! (I promise you, you will find this entertaining!)

Each liugnopetbed can petify one pet or Sim. If you want more, buy more pet beds.

The effect lasts just two hours. If you sell the pet bed while a Sim is petified, the results may be permanent; to recover from this in-between state, simply buy another pet bed, petify to the right kind of creature, and sell the bed again.

The menu options are as follows:

+ Allow Freewill Petification == allowing freewill petification means that your Sims and pets can use this by themselves, perhaps when you least want them to, but perhaps at really funny times. This option is the factory default setting.

+ Forbid Freewill Petification == keeps everything under your control.

+ Become a Cat == The Sim who clicks on this gets promoted to cathood. Sims may choose to become cats or dogs if "Allow Freewill Petification" is in effect. Guests can't do it because I'm afraid of what might happen if they leave the lot while petified. You can, of course, enable it with Inge Jones's visitor empowerer.

+ Become a Dog == The Sim who clicks on this is demoted to dogness.

+ Become Human == Pets can't click on objects, but they may choose this from freewill, if you allow it.

+ Cancel Current Petification == You will see a dialog telling you who is petified or humanized and at what time they will return to normal; you then have the option to make them normal now.

+ Make Pet Human == You get a list of pets. If you say yes to one, that pet will be forced to become sort of human.

++ And, of course, there are menu options for sleep and rest, but you don't see those.

This ever-filled pet food bowl is unusually nutritious, and also feeds the parrot, the cockatoo, the goldfish, the iguana, the turtle, the budgies, and the aquarium fish. And it keeps the gold or red petfood bowls full as well!

Please admire the remarkably small size of this object, which means that you can download it in a New York minute.

Long description:

No, the birds don't fly to it to eat! Instead, this object scans your lot for all the pet objects that need feeding, and fills their food supply. As an added bonus, it fills any empty cages and restores dead fish or birds or reptiles to life.

Requires unleashed, find it under Miscellaneous/pets for $44.

Only one instance of this object is permitted per lot. If you try to place extra ones, you will get a message and a refund.

It may change your budgies to parakeets or vice versa. Hope you don't mind!

This invisible object is visible when you first place it. Put it on the same tile as a sofa and your pets can sleep on the sofa!

long description:

Find it under miscellaneous/pets for $1; and if you don't have Unleashed, twice your purchase price will be refunded! :-)

When it is placed, liugnopetnap looks for an object on the same tile as itself that is a multitile object and is not "zero extent". If it finds such an object, it assumes that it has found a couch (you can fool it, of course). If no such object is found, it complains; this complaint dialog looks unusual, and the way to get rid of the dialog is to click the x in the upper-right corner.

When you enter a house from the neighborhood, or when you first place liugnopetnap, or after you pick it up in move or buy mode, liugnopetnap is visible as a floating black dot. Within less than a Sim hour after you unpause, it becomes invisible.

liugnopetnap operates as follows: it advertises sleep, and when a pet chooses to use it, it changes the pet to be "sort of human" for half an hour, and pushes menu item number 1 from the couch onto the pet's queue. Menu item number 1 is "Nap" on all couches that I have checked, and this is what makes this object possible.

If you place liugnopetnap on top of some multi-tile object that is not a couch, you can fool it. Your pet will use menu item 1 of the other object when it needs to sleep, and this will not be good for the poor critter.

Cats can sleep on this sofa! "So What?", you say, "we already have liugnopetnap that lets cats sleep on any sofa at all!"

Umm, erh, ... Cats can scratch this sofa! "Big deal," you say, liugnocatscratch already lets that happen to any sofa!"

Oh, ah, ... When Cats scratch this sofa often enough, it gets all messed up and ugly-looking, and you have to call the repairman! "Hey, way to go!"

You can leave now, your part is done. "Bye" [walkwalk trudge walkwalk squeak! SLAM!]

I thought he'd never leave.

Slim made 2 loveseats, one normal-looking and one all messy. Gnohmon combined three objects into one, thus making this very special object.

The version delivered for testing is a mess after one scratching, which is ridiculous in use, but handy for testing.

The sofa has a high room score when it's unscratched, is always as walkthrough as can be, is very comfy and is excellent for sleeping, whether for humans or for cats. Sims wake up when their Energy is all green!

The two parts of the sofa are independently scratched and repaired. Find it in sofas, $1 for testing, will be $399. UL required.

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