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This hacked coffeepot has 2187 different settings, allowing you to raise each motive to one of three levels. Even better, many Sims can use it at once.

liuGnoCafeOmni == Everything for Everyone?

The hacked coffeepot is such a popular item! Surely every beginning hacker has made one that boosts all Motives to the max, so why should anyone make another?

Unfortunately, there is great disagreement about what a hacked coffeepot should do. Some think it should max everything; others think it should max energy and put everything else halfway; some want it to max everything but Social and/or Fun so that freewill Sims won't just stand around. And so on.

liuGnoCafeOmni solves this problem by providing 2187 coffeepots in one! It allows you to set each of seven Motives independently to one of three levels, and three to the seventh power is 2187.

More than that, liuGnoCafeOmni is a multi-user coffeepot. If you tell many Sims to drink from it at once, they will all go to it, then take turns drinking; and you will love the way it works on a Downtown lot!

Be sure to read the included .txt to know all the things the liuGnoCafeOmni can do!

GnoChangingTable allows you to choose a new skin in the game, or, if you choose, to have one or more Sims constantly changing. It's also a good end table.

When a Sim chooses "Start Changing", GnoChangingTable will look at that Sim every few minutes and figure out whether the Sim is busy doing something; this is a new technology for Sims objects, "my own invention" as the White Knight said to Alice.

If the Sim isn't busy or swimming or at work or so on, GnoChangingTable will send the order to change; and then the Sim will quietly change clothes. No Sim will ever use GnoChangingTable from free will; it only works when you click on it. This is too important to be left to Sims...

Several new functions were added to GnoChangingTable. "Dress Normal Once" makes your Sim wear its normal outfit. This is good if you are tired of seeing your Sims in swimsuits or pajamas; in general, I find that Sims look better the more clothing they wear.

"Get Naked" is not available to Sims who have children in their family. If you have children in your house, your Sims probably also have children in their houses. Please note that Some expansion pack (Unleashed?) changed things so that a naked Sim who is not doing anything immediately changes back to normal dress, so fast that you can't even notice the nudity.

"Stay Normal" sets the Sim to change back to normal outfit whenever possible; it is stopped by ordering the same Sim to "Stop Changing". This whole object is just for fun, so your Sim changes to normal clothes while swimming. "Stay Naked" makes one Sim be nude when possible. The usual restrictions apply, and this mode is ended by ordering that Sim to "Stop Changing". Should I make this choice available in free will, perhaps only for visitors??

This otherwise normal end table makes a clone of a Sim. The clone cannot be controlled, but behaves like a normal Sim. Having two of the same Sim is an interesting and unusual situation which you are sure to find entertaining.

The results when you save and reload may be confusing (see the included text file for details).

Sims will like to play with liugnodollhouse more than they like the Maxis dollhouse. In addition, you have the option to allow this dollhouse to gradually add Playful points to your Sim's personality.

They gain 50 Playful points each time they sit down to play.

Sims will like to feed the fish, and when they do, liugnofishtank can add Neatness points the the Sim personalities (you have the choice of whether to allow this). They gain 34 Neat points (out of 1000) per feeding. The neater they are, the less often they feed the fish -- but the fish never die!

When it is placed, Sims can stand on the same square or walk through each other. When it is picked up and sold, they return to normal.

What a waste of time it is for a Sim to have a snack! Bladder goes bad more than Hunger goes good; and they always throw trash on the floor afterwards.

Eight hungry Sims in the house, and the first one to get to the fridge makes a single meal! Sims are so stupid. That's why they have digital watches and velcro shoes. That's why this fridge forces Sims to make the right choice.

liugnofridge does not make snacks or light meals; and unless you choose to allow it to do so, it does not make single meals. The meals it makes are liugnobuymeal, a buyable group meal, and your Sims will make one right away when there is no food, whether or not they are hungry. The group meal made by this fridge will not spoil for twelve hours, and somebody will be hungry by that time!

GnoGClock is a grandfather clock which adjusts motives in a highly intelligent manner. It does not lower the motives of Sims who are asleep, or at work, or preparing for work (the hour before the carpool arrives is considered to be the "preparation" hour.)

GnoGClock does not alter pet motives (they have a hard time getting their Motives high), nor does it work on NPCs nor normal guests, but it does work on "Empowered" visitors and on guests summoned by Inge Jones's teleplant.

Sims who are too happy, and are not busy doing something, will have their Fun and/or Social motives lowered. Read the accompanying .txt to see all of the gnoGclock functions

This very ordinary end table makes all Sims on the lot happy all the time. All Sims, that is, except NPCs, but your dragon is an exception to this exception.

Hunger, Bladder, Comfort, Energy and Hygiene are kept at the maximum, while Fun and Social are not changed unless they get rather low.

Somebody asked for a nude painting, but they weren't polite and didn't bother to spell well. Spelling is important for magicians, so I suggested that I would make an invisible nude painting.

And then I realized it was a great idea! The painting itself is not invisible, but paintings wear no clothing and are therefore always nude. My Invisible Nude Painting instead can make your Sim invisible. Perhaps it also makes your Sim nude, but there is no way for you to know if this is so or not! It is my secret.

Maxis gives you the possibility of "invisible" Sims, but they are actually merely translucent. Liugnoinvipaint makes Sims really invisible. I have tested with The Original Sims (TOS), with no expansion packs, and with "everything" (MM and all others). The results are slightly different.

In TOS, the diamond disappears and your Sim's thumbnail shows her to be at work. In MM, the diamond is seen and the Sim does not appear to be at work. In both cases, the Sim cannot interact with anybody, and nobody can interact with the Sim. (An invisible Sim can still use a group object and gain Social and relationship points.)

Motives are not decreased in the normal way, and my Grandfather Clock does not lower the Fun and Social of a hidden Sim; so, after awhile the Motives will be all full, and your Sim will just stand around with nothing to do.

The invisible Sim was pioneered by Lost Sims.

This all started with a usenet message from lemmiwinks complaining that his Sims had become short and fat. I asked for details of what was going on, and both lemmiwinks and GigaNews responded with explanations.

The story is that an interaction between age-changing ojects and the House Party Costume Trunk can make your Sims assume an unusual shape. Gnohmon's Lemmiwinker makes this happen in a controlled and temporary manner so that your game, and your Sims, will not be harmed by it.

Oddly enough, I find that children become short and bulky, while adults become short and skinny -- not quite what the descriptions of the effect had predicted -- but really don't look so dramatically different as I had expected. Some Sims don't change their shape. See the end of this description for details. Because a lemmiwinked SIm acts like his or her age has been changed, liugnolemmiwink is fun even when the Sim's shape looks normal.

The effect lasts four hours, then wears off by itself unless you have sold all of the liugnolemmi objects off your lot. Don't do that! (When any Sims are lemmiwinked, you need the move_objects cheat to sell this object; it takes about two hours after the last use of liugnolemmi before you can sell it normally).

At any time, you can cancel the effect by clicking on any liugnolemmi with the lemmiwinked Sim selected, and choosing to "Cancel my lemmiwinking."

Any number of Sims can be lemmiwinked at the same time by a single liugnolemmi.

In addition, children changed to temporary adults get "missing animation" in some social interactions, both for themselves and for the other Sim in the interaction. Rather than disabling its use by children, I decided to just let it go as it stands, because you can choose not to have children Lemmiwink themselves; no Sim will ever use the object without you giving the order.

A lemmiwinked Sim is temporarily unemployed. It is safe to save while lemmiwinked; just don't evict while any lemmiwinked Sims are on the lot. An adult who is lemmiwinked between 3 PM and 9 PM may cause children to come and visit.

If you place liugnolemmiwink on a non-residential lot, it is possible that you could tell your Sim to be lemmiwinked and then leave the lot before the Sim has returned to normal; and perhaps this could leave your Sim in a permanently lemmiwinked state. The choice and the responsibility are yours.

Some adults don't change their shape when they are lemmiwinked. This seems to be because their normal outfit already uses the same mesh as a randomly chosen Costume Trunk outfit. But not all Costume Trunk outfits use the same mesh, so I changed this object to cycle through all the outfits before choosing a random one.

One adult in my testing would still not change shape! So I sent him to a normal dresser and had him change into work clothes, and then liugnolemmi worked.

Click on this to "permanently" change your Sim's age, gender, or species. These changes will disappear if your Sim goes to another lot or if you delete and restore the Sim. (Of course, you can always use this same object to set your Sim back to normal).

When age is changed, the Sim becomes unemployed. Changing back to normal will not restore the Sim's job. Changing to or from a pet is not possible unless you have Unleashed; these menu options simply won't appear. Changing age affects the way your Sim talks, and her ability to go through gender-specific doors.

Several of my other objects make this sort of change on a temporary basis, but the "permanent" change is also useful.

Note added in 2006: If you have MM, you can change a Sim's appearance by doing the following steps:

1. Use liugnopermchange to make the Sim into a child. You can also change the Sim's sex if you wish.
2. Buy the children's wand charger and take the child's magic wand from it. Sell the charger.
3. Buy liugnomgroot and use it to get the "Age of Instant" children's charm.
4. Use the charm.

The Sim will become an unskilled adult with a random face and random clothing; yes, you lose all skills. Sims 1 has no "DNA", so the face is random. If you don't like the new face, you can try again. It might be a good idea to jump in a hole and sell your extra wands.

Would you like to be green? Wanna be unseen? GnoRender is keen! This excellent end table has an ability that other end tables do not have: it can make your Sim look like a ghost or a zombie!

When your Sim is unseen or green, liugnorender can be used to set the Sim back to normal. This cures real zombies! By the way, when your Sim is shown as a ghost, other Sims cannot initiate interactions with it. The ghostly one can talk to others, but they cannot talk to her.

Being green seems to have no effect on the Sim's behavior.

The six decorative plants from the original Sims game, in one file, each has a special function (and never needs watering).

1. The Burglar Plant summons the burglar once every five hours. You can make a lot of money testing your burglar alarms.
2. The wall plant, when purchased[1], removes all wall restrictions of all objects on the lot. Sofas and rugs can be placed through walls, paintings can hang in mid-air, and so on. REVISED July 4 2004: The wall plant does not touch windows and doors. Doing so caused problems.
3. The water plant, when purchased, allows all objects to be placed on pool or water tiles. Some objects won't work on pool or water, but nothing forces you to place them there! You can have fun trying new things.
4. The indoor/outdoor plant, when purchased, allows all objects to be placed either indoors or outdoors.
5. The trash can fixer repairs your outdoor trash can or replaces it. Several times it happened to me that the trash can got into an unusable state. This fixes it. If you deleted your trash can (with move_objects), this replaces it.
6. The error-maker causes an error in the thread of the currently-selected Sim when you wave the cursor over it. Object hackers, who always run the game with "-debug_objects" in the command line, will find this very useful; but even civilians can benefit from it: when your Sim gets stuck Downtown, and you don't have build/buy enabled, this can save you (at some small risk[2].) You can also learn what an object error does so that you can recognize when a newly-downloaded object is causing one.

[1] "when purchased" means that it's a one-time thing. Objects purchased later will not be affected, but of course you can always buy another plant.
[2] I've never seen it cause a crash.

A long time ago, when Slim was not so awesomely skillful as he is now, he created several miniature replicas of Sim statues. This was a very clever thing for him to do back when his graphic ability was limited -- a true artist knows his technical abilities and expresses his creativity in a way that is not limited by his limits.

You may have noticed that I have made many of my objects to be end tables. Alas, there are few objects other than lamps or indoor flowers that can be placed on end tables! These miniature statues can be placed on end tables, so they are a perfect thing for me to make new objects from, to be placed on my all-too-numerous end tables. liugnoslmvisitg is the first, and I think you will agree that it is a great thing.

It generates visitors who come and ring your doorbell. In the unaltered game, you get no visitors once you know everybody; you must call them, and they will not come if they barely know you, they will not come if they are at work, and you cannot call them at all if you do not know them, which may be a problem for Vacation families or Townies or Strange.

With liugnoslmvisitg, even Somebodies and Anybodies will come and visit. Of course, you can ignore them, but you always have the opportunity of Greeting them and making new friends or reinforcing old friendships.

Children will not visit unless you have children in family. By default, you may have two visitors on your lot. But you can click on liugnoslmvisitg and ask to have more or fewer visitors at any given time. No maximum limit is enforced.

Visitors should not ring your doorbell while the whole family is at work or at school, unless you have liugnoservo on the lot -- he is in one sense an NPC but he is also in another sense a family member and a regular guy, so he breaks all the rules.

I have noticed that liugnoslmvisitg has a bad effect on dogs when you have requested many visitors. They must often break off the current activity to bark at the door, and thus they rarely improve their skills or personalities. Cats hiding from the door are not as greatly affected.

liugnoslot allows you to buy or sell skills.

It requires no expansion packs, but the normal slot machine betting functions are not available unless you have Hot Date or above.

It also requires that you have the Maxis slot machine which can be downloaded free from the Maxis site; otherwise you will get the "missing animation" harmless error. Some combinations of EPs already have this object included, so perhaps you will not have to download it separately.

Why must Sims be using the same object to talk to each other? If two are in the same room, one painting on the easel and the other playing with the computer, why can they not exchange a few words, boosting their Social and relationship scores?

Well, now they can! Liugnoyakyak takes care of this! Only one yakyak may be placed in the same room. No EPs required, even though the base graphic is from MM.

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