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Lost your serial code? Here are a few ways to retrieve it: has a step by step way to retrieve the serial code from your own pc.

If you registered it you can check at log-in, choose "register" and on the next page click the hyperlink marked "add your product serial numbers here". Any cds you registered will show up there.

or try at (for this one you have to choose your country first and then find where it says "get into the Nation", log-in, find your log-in name and put your cursor on it and click on "my account" and then log-in once more.. once inside click on "your games" I think.. and it'll have all your serial numbers.)

Another thing you could do is ask at

where you'll find this answer , using a tiny url since this was a huge one,

Game files are found under "C:/Program Files/Maxis/The Sims". Under the The Sims folder are several other folders.

Most objects go items in the Downloads folder and some will be placed in sub-folders under GameData.

Custom skins need to go in the GameData/Skins folder. A skin has 3 files, a .bmp, a .cmx and a .skn file.

Wallpapers will end in .wll and go in the GameData/Walls folder.

Floors will end in .flr and go in the GameData/Floors folder.

Here are some helpful links to both technical help for your Sims 1 game(s) and to Custom content.
Sims 2 stuff has recolors of many of the Gnohmon objects. Has Makin' Magic hacks (awesome hacked objects.. especially for unleashed) Inge Jones' new and improved Simlogical with sims 1 and 2 objects and hacks

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