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Gnohmon wanted a spot to have his Sims1 stuff up and available to new and old sims players.. so here they are.. including some shiny new ojects!

Be sure to refresh when you revisit as new objects will be placed on these pages as they become available.

Added Alice's mushroom to making magic 05/03/07.

Pay sites Must Be Destroyed!! The name of the site refers to illegally asking of money for custom content (cc). Originally Maxis (and now EA games) said one could charge a small fee to be applied towards bandwidth usage. Times have changed.. bandwidth is cheap. Now is the time for community to say "no more" to donation packs and entire sites where you have to pay to play. Let's go back to the days of sharing stuff just because you were proud to have the skills, talents or (like me) the wanting to share gene ;-) and not to make a buck.

PMBD has all the Sims 2 CC you always wanted but couldn't justify spending even more money on just a game.

But is it legal? That is the question both paysite and anti-paysite owners are asking. Is it legal to sell CC or, as it's called, "donate"? Is PMBD doing something illegal? Ea/Maxis hasn't said yea or nay.. but the Sims2 forum has threads that may help you decide.

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