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Creates magical growths, including a climbable beanstalk and crystals with 100 charges; all can be walked through.

Find it under Miscellaneous/Magic.

Long description:

I was playing the game the way it was meant to be, casting spells whether I wanted their results or not just so that all the crystals would show up and so that I could get a climbable magic beanstalk; and after a while, I said "This is just stupid." And it was...

Of course, the magic crystals are in one big file, and the beanstalk is an even bigger one. I wondered if there might be a better way than to clone those big files and make a set of buyable crystals and a buyable climbable beanstalk.

So, I made this magic flower. You'll find it in buy mode, under miscellaneous/magic. What it does is to create each of the magical-growth objects at your request, and then to make the new object charged up if it's a crystal or climbable if it's a beanstak.

The beanstalk doesn't look climbable but it is. The crystals have a hundred charges -- you'll never use them all.

And finally, all of these magic growths (including the flower itself) allow you to walk through them and can be placed either indoors or outdoors, on the ground or on a floor.

SO now I've finally been to lot 99. You can go too, just download this and use it in your game.

This end table is a two tile object: there's an empty tile beside the visible end table. Place the empty piece on the same tile as a chemistry set (as shown in the picture), and you will be able to choose whatever potion you wish to be instantly made by clicking on liugnoalchemy! Requires House Party, of course...

Get all adult and child magic charms by clicking on this. This is a more sophisticated way of doing things than cloning a big file of buyable charms. Each charm has 300 charges. You can always make another one if you run out of charges! Find it under miscellaneous/magic.

nethack-style spellcasting for Sims

The gnomon is the little thing that sticks up out of a sundial. No doubt some subconscious memory of the word contributed to the invention of the nonsense name gnohmon, which has been my computer name since 1981 and my name on the internet since 1991; and so, Gnohmon's Gnomon just had to be something special.

GnoGnomon, and its associated object GnoGustus, provide your Sims with the ability to cast spells. The system of magic, and the spells themselves, are inspired by nethack (the best computer game there is, see although it would be neither possible nor appropriate to make everything quite the same in the Sims as it is in nethack.

Alice's mushroom

Alice's mushroom $120
When Alice went through the looking glass, she ate from an edible mushroom that was also a seat. Now you can have this mushroom in your game.
comfort: 2

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