Erica sighed and put away the last dish. It had been a long day filled with the usual chaos brought on by twin 3 year old boys. It didn't help that April rain had began several days back in March. She loved her sons greatly but day in and day out being their primary caregiver was just plain tiring.

Her older daughter, Clara, helped out when she was home from school but a 7 year old could only do so much. Her husband, Frank, thought his only responsibility was to bring home the bacon. No frying or washing up included.

Asking him for more help only led to fierce arguements that ended with him storming out to go to bars and Erica left at home in tears.

She leaned against the fridge and sighed. Where'd that happy-go-lucky, book loving and dare taking girl she used to be go? Catching a glimpse of herself in the hall mirror made her sigh again. Hair needing a real cut instead of a quick snip at home. Body flabbing out a bit... but after 3 kids who wouldn't be a bit out of shape? Sweats and a teeshirt.. ugh! But there just weren't any reasons to try anymore. Frank never noticed if she wore a bit of makeup or a new dress. The kids didn't care either.

Erica wandered into the livingroom and began picking up the evening's mess. Toys back into the box, Clara's backpack hung up.. and Frank's shoes placed by the door. She sank into the couch and rested for just a moment. She still had to lay out clothes for her husband and daughter and get Clara's lunch ready for the next day.But the house was quiet and she could just be herself. Not "mommy" and not "honey".

She mused on where she came from and where she was going in Life. Her life wasn't horrid but yet she wondered if things could be different. Frank wasn't a bad husband nor a bad father.. just a slightly resentful one. He had never really forgiven Erica for getting pregnant with Clara just before graduation. It wasn't really just her fault.. it takes two to tango.. but he chose to be a martyr instead. At least he never said anything in front of the kids.

Up she got and started on her way to finish the night's chores. Clothes, lunch and a load of laundry. Then finally a shower and heading to bed.

She slipped between the covers and heard Frank's snores stop. He reached for her and she complied. It was quick and loveless. He soon was back to snoring and she lay there awake.

A few tears rolled down her cheek and soaked into her pillow. She thought to herself "I'm an April's Fool". Then she went to sleep.