Sasha finished ringing up the customer, wiped a stray wisp back from her face and turned to her boss. "Can I get my check and get out of here soon, Steve? I have a competition to attend this week-end. It's two hundred miles away and I hate driving at night."

Steve glanced at the clock and said "How about another ten minutes. Fred will be done in the back and can take over the front."

A quick smile and she turned to take care of yet another lunchtime customer. As she smiled at him her breath caught in her throat. This one had possibilities. Blonde hair, blue eyes and wearing a business suit. A quick glance down showed no gold glinting on his fingers. But what really had caught her attention was his aura. It swirled blue, red and lots of black. Perfect for what she had in mind.

Sasha smiled brightly and "pushed" with her mind. A bit of glamour began to pulse around her. It swirled and then reached out in the direction of the customer. He shook his head slightly as if a shiver had ran through him. He looked directly into Sasha's eyes and his glazed over just a bit.

"Hi. What can we get for you today?"

It took him a second then he answered in a pleasant baritonish voice "Whatever the lunch special is, I guess."

Using her index finger, Sasha pointed on the flat menu between them and he reached out to touch the same spot. A spark of glamour jumped and melted into it.

"Looks great."

"How about something to drink?" Sasha follwed the rote that she knew so well. Her mind raced as she decided how to play this one. At his nod she pulled a pop and then rang him up. She handed him his receipt and told him to listen for his number to be called. He took the paper with a hand that trembled ever so slightly.

Sasha then busied herself with the normal cleanup that she had to get done before she could leave. But her eyes kept glancing out at her prey. He was staring at her without really realizing it.

Minutes passed by and his order was up. Since there weren't any other customers to be waited on, she took his lunch out to him. While fussing over him she pushed a bit harder with her glamour.

He cleared his throat and asked "So, you work here long?"

"Oh, for over a year now. Great boss, decent pay and decent hours."

"What time do you get off" he asked in a rush.

"Anytime now", but as a smile began on his face she added "But then I'm leaving for Turnerville.. you know.. down south a ways? I'll be there all weekend at the Oaisis."

"Oh, really? I have a business meeting there on Monday. I usually go down a day ahead of time. Maybe I'll see you there?"

"Well, the meet ends Sunday morning after breakfast.. so probably not. A pity". With that she wiggled her way back behind the counter. She heard Steve call her name so she hurried back to the office.

"Here you go" and he handed her check to her, "Good luck this week-end."

Feeling the heat still from the encounter with the cute business guy, Sasha felt a bit reckless. "How about a good luck kiss?"

Steve's green eyes widened and he looked uncomfortable.. but just for a moment. He rose and shut the office door. Then turned and pulled her into an embrace. Her tongue flicked hungrily over his. She pressed up against him and felt him react. His hands swooped down around her waist and pulled her even closer.

"God, I've wanted to do that ever since you started here. But you were underage then."

With a smile Sasha said "Ditto, but what held me back is you were married.. and you still are. But a kiss can't hurt.. can it?"

The mention of his marital status brought Steve out of his moment of recklessness. He pulled back and ran his hand through his hair. "I do hope you win this weekend.. just what kind of competition is it, anyway?"

"Oh a little acting, a little sports ..and a lot of fun!" She reached up and stroked his cheek and then touched his swollen lips. "I'll see you Monday." And then she took her leave.

She walked out front and punched out. Free to do so now, she took off her dorky work hat and let the waist length braid fall down. Then she headed for the side door. She took one last look at her prey and smiled.

Outside she headed for her car. Ready to hit the road and have a great weekend. She stopped short of her car as she heard her name being called. Turning she had to hide a look of triumph. It was her prey..and like a fish, it was only a matter of reeling him all the way in to the boat.

"Hey, I just thought I might head down to Turnerville a little earlier than usual. I could use a bit of a vacation. I was wondering, would you like to ride down with me?"

"I'm sorry. I couldn't possibly do that. It's a very sweet offer but I need to have a vehicle to get to various locations during the meet. But it will be grand to see you there." She reached up and touched him under his chin. and slightly pulled. He leaned forward and they began to kiss. Tongues crawled over tongues. Fire swept through their bodies. Sasha stopped and looked him deep in eyes. "So, what's your name?"

"Heh, I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Roger Delta. I run a small family oriented hotel chain. I'm looking to expand, hence the Monday morning meeting."

Sasha smiled and felt a thrill run through her. The lies he had just told her showed clearly in his aura. It just confirmed to her that her instinct was, as usual, spot on.

"Well, will I be able to see you tonite?" She nibbled her bottom lip and then nodded. "You'll find me by the pool or in the hottub. But I gotta go..I hate driving at night and if I don't go now I'll get caught in all kinds of rushhour traffic all the way down there." With that she kissed him gently and pressed aginst him. She gave a shuddering sigh and pulled away.

"Roger" stood there and watched her pull away. Then he too left.

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